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If you are a regular shopper at Kroger Supermarkets and want a little help with your groceries, check out the below survey for your chance to win $100 gift card to spend in store. The Kroger Company is one of America’s largest grocery retailers with a huge range of products, pharmacy and fresh foods. Rate your experience by visiting www.TellKroger.com and completing the survey to tell Kroger what you thought.

Tell Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Have you been shopping at Kroger Supermarkets and Pharmacies. Tell Kroger about your recent shopping experience at one of their stores across North America, by taking their customer satisfaction survey at www.TellKroger.com. We found the survey easy to take and should take under 10 minutes to complete.

The Tell Kroger survey is available in both English and Spanish. Make sure you have your receipt from your most recent shopping experience in order to take the Tell Kroger customer satisfaction survey.www.tellkroger.com – Win a $100 Grocery Gift Card

For your chance to win a $100 Grocery Gift Card, take the Tell Kroger customer satisfaction survey at www.TellKroger.com

About Tell Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

New Website: Kroger Feedback Survey
Old Website: www.TellKroger.com
Prize: $100 Grocery Gift Card
Español: Encuesta de satisfaccion al cliente Kroger



  1. Today I went to Krogers at Kuykendahl and Woddlands Pkw in The Woodlands TX and I was shock with the service from a guiy name Garvin, I never seen him before but im very surprise about the great service that this guy give to customers. I own a company and have 60 sales persons, I personally train them and in my 49 years I never seen such a great service at all, this guy is very positive, kind and you can tell that he really love his job and to be honest I think you might have one of the best employees in the hole country, in this days is rare meet people that actually loves with his heart his job and this guy is one of them. Im sure that he dont have any training, but if you invest some training on him I would put this guy to train other employees, he will make a diference on the customer service. This is the first time I wrote about a service at any store, but seeing the love that this guy put on his job move me to write this letters. Im a fan of great customer service and this guy make me day. Sorry about my bad English.

  2. Kroger is my most FAVORITE store. I have rotator cuff problems and any worker in the store is ready and willing to reach things for me that are too high up or too heavy. Their fruit and vegetable area is very attractive and kept in fresh condition. I have no qualms about purchasing any product at Kroger.

  3. Shopping at this store is very pleasant. Items are easy to find and staff very helpful and friendly. Thank you Butler creek Kroger!

    Andrea Cartee

    PS. I love the pharmacy staff as well they know me by name and are always asking about my well being and family.

  4. I went to food for less also known as part of the Kroger stores in Hammond Indiana several times and I love to go there for their variety of items they carry and most of all their low low prices.

    I love that their prices are very low and the meat’s they carry are always fresh.

    I started telling family members to make sure they start shopping there to save money and to buy quality food.

  5. Great service and great prices I am a loyal Kroger shopper and have been for over 20 years they have the best prices and the best service. I look forward to there low prices every week and amazing offers.

  6. Great service and great prices I am a loyal Kroger shopper and have been for over 4 years they have the best prices and the best service. I look forward to there low low prices every week.

  7. I only shop at Kroger’s on main and center street in Bloomington,IL. I love the deals you get at Kroger’s. Alsolove how they send free coupons and other coupons. Thanks

  8. Kroger in brettwood, decatur, il has the best pharmacy staff, Justi, Karen, and Cindy are all very helpful and very nice!!!

  9. It is comforting to walk into Smiths and see the same people working and for a period of time (4 plus years). I am always asked if I need help or if I found everything. If I can’t find something I am then walked to where the item is. Thank you Smiths for the wonderful customer service.

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