www.ediblearrangements.com/wow – Edible Arrangements Wow Survey

www.ediblearrangements.com/wow – Edible Arrangements Wow Survey

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With over 1140 franchised stores in 15 countries including America, Edible Arrangements is a unique concept bringing an imaginative arrangement of fruit to send as a gift for special occasions or to stop by and treat yourself!

Edible Arrangements Wow Survey

Have you recently visited Edible Arrangements for the chocolate dipped strawberries or a fruit smoothie, tell them what you thought. Were you wowed by the fruit arrangements? Or do you think something could be done better? Give your opinion in the wow survey.

www.ediblearrangements.com/wow – receive a discount at Edible Arrangements 

Edible Arrangements want to make sure that you are saying wow at the service, products and every touch point you come into contact with at an Edible Arrangements store. Give your opinion at www.ediblearrangements.com/wow and help Edible Arrangements find out what they are doing especially well and any room for improvement.

As a thank you for completing the short survey you will receive a special offer sent to you via email within 3 days of submitting your survey answers.

About Edible Arrangements Wow Survey

Website: www.ediblearrangements.com/wow
Prize: Discount coupon to use at Edible Arrangements


  1. I just received a box of chocolate covered strawberries and they are wonderful. I received the same last Mother’s Day and it too was WOW.

  2. My husband had been taking care of me the last 2 months after surgery.He came home and told me our son had received a strawberry chocolate box from his wife from edible arrangements.He tasted a strawberry and raved about them,and this is unusual for him.So I came and bought him a box of 12 as a thank you. The only disappointment was I couldn’t get chocolate covered bananas to go with them but will try again.Oh and YES he loved what I brought home to him.

  3. Our Youngest son sent his Mother a box of chocolate covered strawberrys for Mothers day. We shared with family and everyone loved them. They where great.

  4. I just received Edble Arrangement from my grand kids and I was so excited I was
    cryng. It was my 73rd birthday. It was so good and everthing was so good. Thanks
    for a wonderful and delious gift.

  5. I just received as a gift the chocolate coved strawberries. OMG. Delicious. I have ordered from edible arragments before for my self as well as for gifts. I have always been wowed and amazed. Ur fruit baskets are beautiful and delicious. But I have to say ur chocolate cover strawberries are DELICIOUS. Thank you and please keep up the amazing work. I love edible arrangements. :))

  6. Best gift ever. Chocolate covered strawberries are not only yummy but they just make you feel so special! My Son started getting them for me last year on my birthday and this year my Daughter bought me a dozen for Mother’s Day! What great kids!!

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