www.shopko.com/crsurvey – Shopko Customer Survey – Win $250

www.shopko.com/crsurvey – Shopko Customer Survey – Win $250

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Want to win a $250 shopping spree at Shopko? If you enjoy shopping at Shopko and want to give your feedback then take the online survey and you could win the $250 gift card in the prize draw.

Shopko Customer Survey

Shopko opened its doors in Chicago in 1962 and has been providing customers with quality merchandise and services ever since. What did you think about your recent shopping experience? Do you go to Shopko often or would you choose somewhere else? Give your feedback for your chance to win $250 gift card in the Shopko sweepstakes.

www.shopko.com/crsurvey – Win $250 Shopko Gift Card

Participate in the Shopko Customer Survey by going to the online survey website, hosted by Survey Square, at www.shopko.com/crsurvey. Enter details from your purchase receipt including store number and receipt number located under the barcode. Continue to answer all questions on the products and service provided and you will be directed to enter your details to go into the draw to win the $250 Shopko Gift Card.

About Shopko Customer Survey

Website: www.shopko.com/crsurvey
Prize: $250 Shopko Gift Card


  1. my family and I like Shopko because its refreshing to find a store for the everyday average person. The clothes are good quality, which is what we like because we have rough and tough children that destroy everything! the last time we went shopping there the staff was really friendly. usually when I shop with my children the staff goes running for the hills but the Layton Shopko in Utah staff came right up to us asking if we needed help finding shoes.

  2. I love shopko! They really have great sales & I love to find a bargin on their wonderful clearance items. I shop at shopko for school clothes, birthday presents, my clothes & a ton of in betweens! I love the store isn’t so huge it takes hours to get through – smaller store means homer feel. Will keep shopping at Shopko!

  3. Shopko is a great place to shop, it’s quiet and has a friendly atmosphere. The employees are helpful, very kind and Super thoughtful.
    Thanks Shopko for the wonderful experience and reminding us that customers really do still come FiRST. Lynda

  4. I stopped in the Onalaska seeing i was near by, and was so surprised at all the bargains and amounts of items in the store. We have a store in Winona also, but more crowded. This one was laid out so nice, and I spent over an hour and half there. I made many purchases. I was so pleased, and all I have to return is the one pair of jeans for my 6 yr old grand son. They are too big around the waist. Otherwise I was so pleased with the store, and plan to stop there again when I go to Lacrosse./Onalaska which is quite often now.

  5. Had a nice shopping experience today at Shopko in Monmouth, Illinois. I found a lot of items that I purchased. When I checked out I found the cashier (Amy) very friendly and helpful. I will be returning
    to this Shopko in the future. Thank You.

  6. I have been a regular Shopko customer ever since the Store in Houghton Mi. opened. Prior to that I had shopped at the Store in Marquette, MI., Iron Mountain, Escanaba and Green Bay, Wi. and was very happy with the merchandise and treatment by employees

  7. My family and I have shopped at Shopko since I was just a little kid. I still love to shop there because it has some of the best sells that I have ever seen. I like the products that they offer because it seems to me that what you see is what you get. I would love to win this shopping spree because I know that I would enjoy everything that the store has to offer. Also it would be nice to have for Christmas so I can get stuff for families that can’t afford to have Christmas. I know what it’s like to not have.

  8. I had a great time in the store. A store clerk told me where I needed to go to find the product that I wanted. I was able to find what I wanted quite quickly, and I got in line to check out. The long checkout lines moved quite quickly for Thanksgiving evening! I was in and out in half an hour.

  9. I enjoy shopping at shopko. the staff is friendly and I like the products you offer. I will always pick shopko over walmart

  10. I purchased 2 lamps and lamp shades at the North Branch Shopko store. When I returned home I decided I would like 1 more lamp shade. I checked the Duluth store and none were available. I called North Branch and they were sold out of these clearance lamp shades. Ryan Braaten, North Branch store manager, got the lampshade from the Princeton Shopko and shipped it to the Duluth Shopko store for me. Shopko customer service is number one!!
    Janice Gornik
    Duluth Minnesota

  11. I shopped mat the Mitchell store and found good sales with very helpful clerks. I found buy none get none free items which I very much appreciated as I try to make a living with my social security check and its hard to do.

  12. I had an exceptionally helpful salesperson help me from the Kalispell, MT Shopko store today. We live in a rural area and I bought 2 curtains at the Missoula MT Shopko store yesterday. They did not have any more in stock of the size and color I needed and was told I could order online the 2 more that I needed . However, the online site would not allow the 2 curtains to be shipped. I called the Kalispell store since it is 50 miles away. The sales person Alana was very helpful and she did indicate they had what I needed in stock but could not hold it for me because of policy. She did however ask her supervisor Jeannette and she approved that they would hold my items till I can drive to the store in 3 days. Thank you Jeannette and Alana. Now I will have curtains for both windows that I love and I won’t have to return the one set.

  13. About to go to Florida and feel refreshed and excited to have beautiful new clothes and sandals. Always pleased with Nothcrest and other brands offered. Thank you for being close by and affordable.

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