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Do you enjoying shopping for your kids at The Children’s Place? The Children’s Place Retail Stores, Inc., is a specialty retailer of children’s clothing and accessories ages newborn to 10 years old. If you have recently visited The Children’s Place then give your feedback on the customer service you received and you will get $20 off your next purchase.

The Children’s Place Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Children’s Place specialises in high-quality kids apparel with fashion outfits specifically designed for children. The Children’s Place aim to provide the best in customer service making it easy for customers to shop and find knowledgeable staff. Did you receive great service at The Children’s Place? If you want to share your experience participate in the online survey and get a bonus 20% off your next purchase over $30.

www.PlaceSurvey.com – Receive 20% off your next purchase

Visit the online store survey website at www.PlaceSurvey.com and select your language from English, French or Spanish. You will also be asked to enter your receipt details including date of visit, time, transaction number and total amount spent. Upon completion you will receive a coupon for 20% off your next purchase over $30 at The Children’s Place.

About The Children’s Place Customer Satisfaction Survey

Website: www.PlaceSurvey.com
Prize: 20% off your next purchase over $30



  1. This is my 2nd time shopping at the children’s place. The staff was friendly and helpful also showed me ways to save money. I loved the clothes and see myself returning in the future.

  2. I have been shopping at Children’s Place for over 22 years and am still shopping for my youngest grandchild. I love the coupons and the rewards program and I find that the salespeople in every store are friendly and courteous. For my pocketbook Children’s Place is the BEST.

  3. I love Children’s Place, I have 3 children and several small children cousins the clothes are nice and the prices are as well.

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