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Customer Service Survey www.OpinionPort.com/Yum

To give customer feedback for Taco Bell visit www.OpinionPort.com/Yum. This is the customer satisfaction survey for Yum! Brands, Inc. Some of its famous brands include Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers and A&W. In order to start, you need to have the Taco Bell restaurant number in the front of your receipt. Your Taco Bell receipt should say store number or shop number.

www.OpinionPort.com/Yum – Win $1,000 Cash
Upon completion of the survey, giving feedback to Taco Bell, you can participate in the sweepstakes with a weekly $1,000 Cash prize. So, if you have some spare time, head on over to OpinionPort.com/yum and fill in the survey after visiting Taco Bell to try to win $1,000.

For your chance to win $1,000 cash visit www.OpinionPort.com/Yum and give your feedback to Taco Bell.

About Taco Bell Customer Service Survey
Website: www.OpinionPort.com/Yum
Prize: $1,000 Cash
OSS Rating: 


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