www.LuckyListens.com – Lucky Supermarkets Survey

www.LuckyListens.com – Lucky Supermarkets Survey

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lucky supermarkets survey

Lucky store is a grocery store and pharmacy giving customers great recipe ideas, cooking videos and nutritional information. Lucky stores value customer feedback and what to find out what customers like or dislike about shopping at Lucky Supermarkets.

Lucky Supermarkets Store Survey

What do you like about going supermarket shopping at Lucky Stores? Does Lucky stock your favorite products? Are the stores clean and staff friendly? What do you think could be improved if anything? Give your suggestions in the Lucky Supermarket Survey and you could win a Lucky Gift Card.

www.LuckyListens.com – Win $100 Lucky Gift Card

To participate in the survey go to www.LuckyListens.com choose your language and click to begin. From here you can also take a look at the sweepstakes rules before you begin. After entering the security text you will be asked to input the survey code from your receipt. Once completed you will be given the option to enter your details to go into the sweepstakes and win the $100 Gift Card.

About Lucky Supermarkets Store Survey

Website: www.LuckyListens.com 
Prize: $100 Lucky Supermarkets Gift Card


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