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Kmart Customer Feedback Survey

The Kmart customer feedback survey is located at www.KmartFeedback.com. The survey will only take 5-10 minutes to complete and is available in both English and Spanish.

www.KmartFeedback.com – Win a $4,000 Kmart Gift Card

During the Kmart customer feedback survey you will be asked questions about your most recent visit to Kmart. Upon completion of the survey you will go into the quartely sweepstakes where you could win a $4,000 Kmart gift card!

For your chance to win a $4,000 Kmart gift card take the Kmart customer feedback survey at www.KmartFeedback.com

About Kmart Feedback Survey

Kmart Survey Website: www.KmartFeedback.com
Kmart Survey Prize: $4,000 Kmart gift card



  1. I do not understand what is keeping the peachtree city Kmart from shutting its doors for good. I work 30 seconds away in the shopping center and no matter what time of day, there are only 1-2 registers open with about 5+people in each line. It’s chaos because there are no employees at all. And then they have the audacity to solicit me for a credit application. Guys- I hate coming here. I loathe it. There’s a Kroger as a dollar store but for some reason I keep coming here for one or two items and it takes me close to 30 minutes to even leave its doors. There is no customer service- none. It’s a ghost land with no workers, just people shopping. It’s inexusable to think that we will keep coming.
    I refuse to wait 30 minutes for two items. I am asking you to help please or just fold it and call it a day because you guys are not offering me Anything I can’t get somewhere else. Please. 1-2 registers open is not responsible

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