www.crackerbarrel-survey.com – Cracker Barrel Customer Survey

www.crackerbarrel-survey.com – Cracker Barrel Customer Survey

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Cracker Barrel Survey

Complete the Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey and give feedback on the Old Country Store and Cracker Barrel Restaurant for a chance at winning a rocking chair valued at $150.

Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey

With over 600 stores in 42 states, Cracker Barrel stores are consistent in its offering of its old country store quality products and family friendly restaurant.

The Cracker Barrel mission is simply to please people. Providing a warm welcome, delicious food and value prices, Cracker Barrel wants to ensure its customers continue to be satisfied with their experience.

Have you enjoyed homemade meals such as beef stew, country ham n’ biscuits in the Cracker Barrel Restaurant or browsed the old country store for a rocker. What did you think of your visit to Cracker Barrel restaurant or store?

www.crackerbarrel-survey.com – Win a Rocker

The survey is available to complete in English or Spanish at www.crackerbarrel-survey.com, click on your language and continue to enter the access code from your receipt. After completing the survey you will be entered into the prize draw where the winner will receive a Cracker Barrel rocking chair valued at approximately $150.

The survey is also available to complete over the phone or by mail just visit the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Official Rules for details of how to enter.

About Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey

Website: www.crackerbarrel-survey.com
Prize: Cracker Barrel Rocker valued at $150


  1. Crackerbarrel has became our home away from home.We not only use our local store, but is always our first choice when we are on the road. Their food quality and service is always constiant.

  2. My Son and I eat at the local crackerbarrel every sunday for dinner. It is a very relaxing place to go. We have met the most efficient server there bar none. Her name is ERICA L. Very pleasant lady. Thomas Webb, and Doug

  3. Our most FAVORITE place to eat no matter where we are! I am on a special allergy and food rotation and gluten free diet monitoring the ingredients in what I eat on a daily basis and C.B.’s waiters/waitresses are always in the know and if they don’t know they find out for me–even printed out a sheet regarding the dressing in one of the newer menu items ( the tomato cucumer salad) that comes in ready made. On occasion, we have been given replacements or credit on our bill for the very few times that we have not been pleased with our orders. Our local C.B. Restaurant is the BEST around as well!!

  4. We ate at Cracker Barrel restaurant today in Aberdeen N..C. We really enjoyed the meal, while we were waiting on our meal, I went in the store and looked around. When I got back, they were delivering our meal and it was so good. Thank You Cracker Barrel

  5. We visited the store in Hilliard, OH (where we live) on Ash Wednesday (02-18-2015) at about 9:30pm. It was a very cold, snowy winter night and not a lot of customers in the store. We wanted to come here because of the customerily good food and warm fireplace; neither disappointed either. However, our waitress failed to deliver to our table everything associated with the meals, like corn bread, tarter sauce; we had to ask more than once. Other than than, a delightful experience.

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