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Do you enjoy curling up with a good book? Whether you like to escape with a novel or prefer to watch movies, Books-A-Million is a great place to purchase gifts or get something for yourself. There are a range of products available from music, games and toys to ebooks for your eReader or iPad.

Books-A-Million Customer Service Survey

www.booksamillion.com/storesurvey is the website for the Books-A-Million customer service survey. To take the survey you will need your receipt from your most recent Books-A-Million visit. We found the survey very simple and took us approximately five minutes to complete.


Books-A-Million use your feedback to provide you the best possible shopping and customer service experience. To give your feedback simply visit www.booksamillion.com/storesurvey with your most recent Books-A-Million receipt and complete the Books-A-Million customer service survey. Too easy!

Visit www.booksamillion.com/storesurvey to complete the Books-A-Million customer service survey.

About Books-A-Million Customer Service Survey

Old Website: www.booksamillion.com/storesurvey
New Website: www.tellbam.com
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