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GameStop Customer Experience Survey is official site of the GameStop customer experience survey. The survey will take under 5 minutes to complete and your feedback will be used to continue improving the GameStop shopping experience. – Win a $500 GameStop Gift Card!

Upon completion of the GameStop customer experience survey you will have the chance to enter the $500 GameStop Gift Card Sweepstakes. 10 Winners will each recieve a $500 GameStop Gift Card!

For your chance to win a $500 GameStop Gift Card, take the GameStop customer experience survey at

GameStop Customer Experience Survey

Prize: $500 GameStop Gift Card



  1. I go to gamestop very often and when I do I always hope olen is there…he always answers my questions and gives me updates for games. When I buy a game he makes sure I get the good game case …me and him have a lot on common…he’s my gamestop buddy

  2. Game stop is one of my favorite stores especially the one up in Jordan creek Mall in west desmoines iowa I can go on and and in about how great each one is and how they help me out on games. but first ill talk about Paige that works there she is nice gets me out in a flash it seems like but she knows im a regular and so do most people there but she is one of the nicest ones there great customer service to her and 3 other employees their but cant remember there names. id give this store a 10/10 not because they have most games im looking for but great customer service I approve

  3. I just went into GameStop to buy a game for my brother and Jennifer was a very nice lady. She was very nice with helping me purchase the game that I was looking for. The workers there are always very nice and helpful. Thank you. :)

  4. Hi I just came back from gamestop and I like the setup and I like how the employees are so kind to the customers. They know how to talk with customers kindly and talk about the game with you and give you tips and everything. The employee that helped me out was Matthew.

  5. Just picked myself up a copy of Titanfall. Customer service got me in and out in less than 5 minutes. They were very helpful and kind. Thanks GameStop!

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