PCH $5,000 Every Week For Life Super Prize – www.pch.com

PCH $5,000 Every Week For Life Super Prize
Publishers Clearing House is offering the $5,000 Every Week For Life Super Prize sweepstakes at www.pch.com.The winner will receive $5,000 Every-Week-For-Life with a guaranteed minimum of $10,000,000!

www.pch.com – Win $5,000 Every Week For Life!
Publishers Clearing House, a dynamic direct marketing leader poised for explosive growth in new markets, providing value-based magazine and merchandise offers, rich promotions, and sweepstakes excitement at www.pch.com. You could win $5,000 Every Week For Life!

For your chance to win $5,000 Every Week For Life visit www.pch.com

About PCH $5,000 Every Week For Life Super Prize
Website: www.pch.com
Prize: Win $5,000 Every Week For Life


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